Here is a scenario that may be familiar if you’ve visited a local jewelry store to have your ring cleaned and inspected:

Customer: Hi, I would like to get my ring cleaned and checked.

Jewelry Salesman: Certainly!

(comes back in a few minutes)

Jewelry Salesman: Ma’am, it looks like your prongs are bent and need to be replaced…You should really switch to platinum prongs instead of white gold.

Customer: Oh really? Well ok if you think that is the best thing for my ring…How much will it cost?

Jewelry Salesman: Yes, platinum prongs are way better that white gold prongs. They are stronger and will last you longer. It should cost you around $300-$600.

So what is wrong with this conversation? Well it is about as far away from the truth as you can get.

First of all, platinum is one of the softer and more maleable metals used in jewelry designs. This is not necessarily a desired characteristic when choosing a metal to hold your precious diamond in place. Platinum also has no resiliance. In other words, if you bump it on something hard, it will bend easily and will not spring back to its original place...which could cause your diamond to become loose and possibly fall out.

Secondly, platinum is more expensive than gold. So by now you may be asking yourself, “Why would that wonderful salesman try to sell me something that is more expensive, but not as safe for my diamond?” I’ll give you three guesses but the first two don’t count…ok fine, yes it’s because he will make MORE MONEY! In a retail store, white gold prongs cost anywhere from $150-$250, whereas platinum prongs can cost anywhere from $300-$600. So now do you see why the jewelry salesman would rather sell you platinum prongs instead of white gold?

As a consumer in the market to buy or repair a ring, invest some time and do your own research before relying on a jewelry salesman’s word. They are after your money, you have to protect it. In other words, you would want to put your money in a 14k white gold wallet instead of a platinum one.