How to Choose an Engagement Ring for That Special Someone

You've found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you're going to ask them to marry you. Congratulations! Getting engaged is one of life's happiest occasions that so many people look forward to.

But, unfortunately, that anticipation can put a lot of pressure on the person asking. Finding the right way to propose and the right ring to propose with can stress out even the most loving partner. But don't worry, take some of the stress of with these tips.

Here are some tips for how to choose an engagement ring your soon-to-be fiance will love.

Start With Shape

Most people, particularly women, have thought about the kind of engagement ring they want. In all this rumination, many people have figured out which diamond shapes they prefer. Typically, the shape of the diamond is more important than any other factor.

The shape of the diamond will also help narrow down your ring search and can be a determining factor for other parts of the diamond. One factor shape greatly affects the price. Round cuts are more expensive while a marquise cut is less.

The shape can also affect the cut and facets of the diamond as well as the setting of the ring. So it's a good idea to find out the shape or shapes your partner likes before going out to buy a ring.

Know Their Style

Most people proposing fear that their partner will hate the ring. This is usually because the ring doesn't match the person's personal style. If you're going to wear a piece of jewelry every day for the rest of your life, it should match your style.

So before you buy a ring, check out your partner's style and take note of the jewelry they already wear. Do they wear more gold or silver? Are the pieces simple and understated, bold and glitzy, or funky and unique?

Think about their personality and lifestyle and look for a ring that represents that.

Consider The Four C's

One of the most common tips for buying a diamond engagement ring is to consider the four C's: cut, color, carat, and clarity. Cut has to do with the symmetry, proportions, and polish of a diamond. Brilliant cut is the most popular for engagement rings.

Color refers to how translucent the diamond is, while clarity refers to the internal characteristics and surface defects in the diamond. And carat is the weight, or the size, of the diamond.

But a diamond doesn't have to be perfect in all four C categories for the engagement ring to be beautiful.

Does Size Matter?

Most people think you need a giant rock for an engagement ring to be stunning. But that's not always true. The size of the diamond doesn't have to be the most important factor if it doesn't matter to your future fiancé.

You don't have to go all out on carat size if your partner would be happy with something smaller. If the size doesn't matter, you can put more emphasis on color or clarity. Or vice versa if the size is important.

There are also ways to make a diamond look larger. Certain diamond shapes can look larger than other shapes of the same carat size. You can also try cluster or halo styles that can make your diamond more lavish.

Set Your Budget

Before going out to buy a ring, you should set your budget. This can help narrow down your ring search and make sure you don't fall in love with a ring that would break the bank.

You can set a budget and have that guide your ring search, so you stay within your set parameters. Or you can do research about the features of your partner's dream ring and set a budget around those.

Don't Forget About The Metal

So many people put a lot of thought into the diamond and completely forget about the metal. But if you want to pick out the perfect ring, don't allow the metal or the setting to be a second thought.

Popular choices include platinum because it's the most durable and great for those with sensitive skin. Another popular choice is gold for its variety in color, including white, yellow, and rose.

The band contributes to the style of the ring, so make sure you put just as much thought into this.

Measure, Measure, Measure

What's worse than picking out a ring and having your partner love it? Picking out the perfect ring and having it be too small or too large. Avoid a mishap, and make sure to get the correct measurement, so the ring is snug and comfortable.

There are lots of ways to be sneaky and getting a ring measurement. You can take in a ring they already have to get measured, ask their friends or family, or be stealthy and find out while they sleep.

But if the ring does end up being too large or too small, worry not, you can get rings resized.

Shop Smart and Safe

When shopping for your engagement ring, you want to ensure you're buying smart and safe. Ask your family and friends for recommendations of accredited stores by the Jewelers of America or the Gemological Institute of America.

You'll also want to receive a diamond grading report from an independent gemological association for any diamond that is a carat or larger.

You can ask for a fingerprint of your ring, a paper that would include the diamonds, shape, the four C's, and cosmetic enhancements.

Don't Stress Over How to Choose an Engagement Ring

Once you see the selection that's available, picking out an engagement ring can feel overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider, like cut, size, and style. But you don't need to stress over how to choose an engagement rings.

You know and love your special person. And with these foolproof tips will ensure that your spouse-to-be will love the ring that you pick out. So don't stress, pick out the ring of their dreams, and ask them to marry you.

About to get down on one knee? Our engagement ring experts would love to help you pick out the perfect diamond that represents your special person forever.