Here are some of the comical (but also very true) things that our clients have said about their experiences with retail stores...enjoy!

  • "The manager had to 'make a phone call' to lower the price!" -Dan Collier
  • "The sale price was only good TODAY and TODAY ONLY!" -Thomas Shaughnessy
  • "Talking to the salesman, you did not know if you were buying a used car or a diamond!" -Chris Bevenue
  • "You were greeted with a 'hello,' a handshake, and a credit application!" -Kevin Harder
  • "You celebrated your 30th wedding anniversary by making the final payment on the engagement ring!" -Ben Wise
  • "The word 'eternity' referred to the payment and not the wedding band!" -Dr. Curt Brookover
  • "You mistook the sale price for the serial number!" -Grant Gordon