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Lab Grown Round Diamond Stud Earrings

Elevate your style with the timeless elegance of our Lab Grown Round Diamond Stud Earrings. Exquisitely crafted with precision and care, these earrings feature G-H/SI-VS lab-grown diamonds, renowned for their exceptional clarity and color. Set in classic 14KT white gold, the four-prong martini setting offers a sleek and modern silhouette, ensuring that the diamonds are the star of the show.

Key Features:

  • Diamond Quality: Each earring showcases a lab-grown round diamond with a G-H color grade and SI-VS clarity, providing a brilliant sparkle that catches the light beautifully.
  • Metal Craftsmanship: The earrings are set in premium 14KT white gold, known for its durability and timeless appeal.
  • Design: The four-prong martini setting not only secures the diamonds but also allows for maximum light exposure, enhancing the stones' brilliance and fire.
  • Versatile Sizes: Available in a range of sizes, from the subtle elegance of ¾ CTW to the bold statement of 3 CTW, catering to different preferences and occasions.
  • Eco-Friendly Choice: Lab-grown diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to traditional mining, without compromising on quality or beauty.

Available Sizes:

  • ¾ CTW: Perfect for everyday elegance or adding a touch of sparkle to your work attire.
  • 1 CTW: A classic choice that balances size and brilliance, ideal for both casual and formal settings.
  • 1 ½ CTW: For those who prefer a bit more impact, these studs offer increased presence while maintaining sophistication.
  • 2 CTW: Make a statement with these stunning earrings, suitable for special occasions or as a luxurious gift.
  • 3 CTW: For the ultimate in luxury and brilliance, these large studs are sure to turn heads and capture attention.

Whether you’re dressing up for a special event or accenting your everyday look, these Lab Grown Round Diamond Stud Earrings are an exquisite choice that combines modern technology with classic beauty.