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Most commonly asked questions regarding caring for your ring

  • Occasionally falling asleep with your ring on is fine
  • Regularly sleeping with your ring on can cause premature and excessive wear on the metal, drastically reducing the life expectancy of your ring.
  • Bad is not the word we would use, but we definitely do not recommend it.
  • Imagine all the things your hands could go through on a daily basis, showering, washing hands, cooking, cleaning, working out, etc. Small particles from all the activities could start building up on your ring. If this happens the buildup could start growing bacteria causing irritation or a rash to form on your finger.
  • Taking your ring off periodically allows you to not only clean your ring but check for any damage.
  • The quick answer is no. Most individuals will swell as they get hot, which can cause the ring to feel tight or make it difficult to get off afterwards
  • Using fitness equipment, lifting weights, etc. can damage/bend the ring, so take it off when you’re doing the heavy lifting.
  • The chemicals in swimming pools and hot tubs will “attack” the alloys in the metal of your ring. Prolonged exposure to these chemicals will make the ring weak and brittle which can cause diamond loss.
  • Typically, when your hands are wet, your ring will feel a little looser.
  • Depending on how loose your ring becomes, it can easily fall off and be lost.
  • It’s almost impossible to know exactly what happened to your ring, but based on history, these are a few of the biggest culprits.
  • Lifting heavy objects.
  • Hitting it while pulling laundry in or out of a washer or dryer.
  • Door frames
  • Moving heavy furniture